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Laguna Mountain Environmental, Inc. provides the full range of cultural resource services geared toward CEQA and local city and county ordinance compliance, in addition to NHPA/Section 106 compliance.  Laguna Mountain also provides specialty biological services.

Cultural resource services include:

  • Literature, archival, ethnohistoric, and archaeological site record searches (BLM Class I Inventories)

  • Intensive and sample archaeological surveys (BLM Class II and Class III Inventories)

  • Construction and mitigation monitoring

  • Constraints analysis for pre-design planning

  • Testing and significance/eligibility evaluation programs

  • Historical assessments and evaluations

  • Data recovery and mitigation programs

  • Archaeological laboratory analysis

  • Sections for environmental documents such as Environmental Assessments (EA), Environmental Impact Reports (EIR), and Environmental Impace Statements (EIS)

  • Cultural resource overviews

  • Planning and management documents including testing and data recovery plans, discovery plans, integrated cultural resource management plans (ICRMP), memorandums of agreement/understanding (MOA/MOU), and Native American consultation plans

  • Newly-added service: Digital aerial photography for archaeological, architectural, and landscape surveys.




Specialty biological services include:

  • Quino checkerspot butterfly surveys
  • Hermes copper butterfly surveys
  • Flat-tailed horned lizard surveys
  • Botanical and biological survey support for qualified biologists


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