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Laguna Mountain’s administrative office is located in the City of San Diego at 7969 Engineer Road, Suite 208 in the community of Kearny Mesa.  In addition, they maintain a laboratory at the same address in Suite 215 where sorting, cataloguing, and analysis of artifacts are carried out. Large equipment and materials are stored in the Mount Laguna area of San Diego County.  These locations can be used to support field studies throughout southern California.


Laguna Mountain possesses all the field and research equipment necessary to conduct cultural resource inventories, digital aerial photography, evaluations, monitoring projects, and data recovery programs.  Laguna Mountain maintains a four-wheel drive vehicle and rents additional vehicles on an as-needed basis.  Field equipment includes screens, shovels, picks, metric tape measures, compasses, a remote-controlled digital aerial photographic system, and other excavation and measuring equipment.  We also maintain other field and laboratory equipment such as seven digital and two 35 mm cameras, a specialized light box for taking high-resolution photographs of recovered artifacts, a tape recorder, digital scales, first aid kits and other emergency supplies.  Laguna Mountain also has several portable Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for field mapping. Laguna Mountain also maintains Geographic Information System (GIS) software (ArcGIS 10), and access to background USGS and aerial photographic data for the Southern California Region.

Laguna Mountain office resources include:

  • A 4 TB file server with triple redundancy, including an off-site, daily data backup.
  • Twelve workstation PCs, two copiers, four scanners, a slide and negative scanner, and three laser printing systems, and two inkjet printers.
  • An extensive archaeological library with more than 3000 books, journals, and technical reports
  • An extensive historical library with more than 1000 books, journals, and reports including City Directories and other primary research documents
  • A collection of historical southern California maps with over 40 original topographic maps dating from the late 19th century to early 20th century, supplemented with numerous copies of historic maps
  • A marine invertebrate collection with more than 300 specimens for comparative identification
  • A lithic type collection with more than 500 geological specimens from known prehistoric quarry areas and geological formations for comparative identification
  • A complete hard-copy collection of USGS topographic maps for the southern California region including portions of Kern and Inyo counties and all of San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Riverside, Orange, Imperial, and San Diego Counties
  • Digital software with digital 7.5' USGS map coverage for the entire state of California
  • A natural science library with more than 800 volumes of botany, geology, and biology references for southern California
  • A botanical herbarium with more than 1,000 southern California specimens for comparative identification
  • An entomological collection with more than 400 specimens for comparative identification
  These extensive basic resources allow Laguna Mountain to conduct most research in-house and provide high quality field and technical studies. 

Laguna Mountain produces publication-quality reports and graphics within its office. Documents can be produced in a variety of formats depending on client needs.

Laguna Mountain has developed an in-house system that allows site data to be entered into a Microsoft Excel worksheet that can be easily exported to create a searchable Microsoft Access database and State of California Department of Parks and Recreation site forms.  This results in two useful products and facilitates editing when large historic building or archaeological surveys with large numbers of site forms are involved.


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